Aberfeldy @ Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow. / 28th April 2005

Characterising the type of neat juxtaposition for which Triptych is renowned, the home of west-coast country is used as a stopping off point for two east coast acts with more than a nod to folk music roots.

My Latest Novel- the local openers – are the most engagingly pop of the three acts, and Kenny Anderson’s King Creosote the most authentic. Their set has the highest concentration of great songs, but it is easy to see why Aberfeldy take the headline slot.

With the shiniest melodies and most marketable image, they also have extremely memorable songs in ‘Heliopolis By Night’ and ‘Vegetarian Restaurant’ (during which a man sells pies and bridies in the audience) and a pleasant, amiable demeanour.

Whether it works over an hour long set is a moot point. As well as the familiar tunes from debut album ‘Young Forever,’ there are two new songs, some b-sides (including the excellent ‘Take It Away’) and the whimsical cover of Sandy Wright’s ‘Tom Weir.’

Covering the full spectrum from inspired to insipid, they fail to answer nagging doubts about whether Aberfeldy offer anything more than a transitory thrill, an enjoyable distraction from something more substantial.